Leisure Sports (2018)

A series of works developed with Joseph Miller and Richard Milanesi; two California residents, Republicans and avid golfers.

Installation View (Clima Gallery, Milan):

1. How the West Was Won 
(4:1 4K Video Loop. 18m34s. 2018)

Excerpt 1:

Excerpt 2:

Excerpt 3:

2. The Good News Is He Thinks Iโ€™m God 
(2-Channel HD Loop. LCD TVs,Frames. 18m34s. 2018)

3. Untitled (relic)
(plexiglass, wood, aluminium, resin, stone and sand 91 x 20 x 15 cm. 2018)

4. Joseph Miller, Richard Milanesi, 1851, 2018
(plexiglass, wood, digital print, velvet, 76x64cm. 2018)

All My Friends Are In The Clouds (2017-)

The work grows as I invite more friends to visit my studio with people they love.

1. All My Friends Are In The Cloud (v0.1)
(LCD screens, steel, networked media players. 2017)

2. Uncrossed  (Music video for Arto Lindsay. 2017)   

Upper_Sea (2-channel HD video loop, stretched canvas, carpet, LED lights. 2016)

I combined animation, computer-vision, early cinematic special effect techniques and footage of my students participating in performances around purpose-built sculptural objects, to create this science-fiction video essay. 

watch full video >

A disembodied voice, evocative of an artificial intelligence program, guides the viewer to a speculative future where consciousness has been emancipated from the human body into digital technology.

Confluence I: : 25.209309, 82.931918 (HD video, 7m50s. 2014)

Together with students from South Point School, Varanasi, we made this dance film about moments in our lives that where something transforms from one state into another;  making coffee; turning plates from dirty to clean and how our dreams come to haunt us in our waking lives.